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Further Maths A Level

So Further Maths. That sounds like fun! 

Further Maths is about as out there as you can get in A Levels. Its the only "Further" A Level you can do and it's not as if Maths A Level is an easy option anyway.

It is all doable though, as long as your brain works that way. I loved it! It was like doing puzzles all day long ..

As a graduate of the University of Oxford who then worked in industry and government before becoming a teacher, I have been there and done that.

One concern is often all the options available. Whilst most schools tend to only offer the standard mechanics and statistics options, with occasionally Decision (the maths of algorithms), thrown in, you might want to do some of the other options such as Further Mechanics 2 for budding engineers, or Further Pure for the purists amongst us. Don't worry,  I have taught all of the different options and even created some of the maths taught in the Further Pure options when I was at uni.

So I can support you through any of the options you need, or even teach you a different option than is normally offered by your school. If you are being offered a choice and don't know which to go for, I can even give you some taster lessons to give you an idea before you have to decide. 

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