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Diversity Students

What our parents and students say

"We are very impressed. An excellent tutor who knows her subject extremely well. Andy is very personable, knowledgeable and experienced"

Parent of Year13 A Level Pupil

"Andy is, quite simply, the best teacher my son has ever had"

Parent of Year12 Maths Pupil

"Andy fully understands, not only the maths, but what is needed to do well in these very tricky exams. Without her, A... would never have got into Oxford. Thank you!" 

Parent of Maths and Further Maths pupil, now at Oxford University

“You have been amazing for our son. Not just for maths tutoring but his everyday confidence . We are really appreciative.”

Parent of Year 12/13 pupil

Andy is very professional. She's easy to communicate  with and very flexible in terms of student's requirement

Overseas Pupil

"Our son is finding Andy's lessons very helpful and now feels as if it is all doable!"

Parent of Year13 A Level Maths and Further Maths Pupil

“Andy breaks the subject down well and explains concisely. We are thrilled we found her”

Parent of Year 13 pupil

"What a difference to last year. Instead of thinking of giving up, I am now the one who explains it to everyone else in my class!"

Year13 A Level Pupil

"Andy's friendly approach means our daughter feels at ease asking questions on any particular topic she might need help with"

Parent of Year13 A Level Pupil

"We can highly recommend Andy because we have seen a marked improvement in our daughter's confidence and ability to problem solve over the last year"

Parent of Year13 pupil applying for veterinary medicine

"L.... is really enjoying her tutoring with Andy and it is really making a difference with her maths"

Parent of A Level Pupil

“The support Andy provides has always been invaluable, but particularly now, as so much college face-to-face teaching has been lost during the pandemic, her lessons, explanations and guidance are essential.”

Parent of Year13 pupil

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