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Oxbridge Entrance Exams

It is commonly known that Oxford and Cambridge University courses often require you to take an extra exam in November of Year 13. However, what isn't as widely known is that many other Universities also either require these exams or will take them into account when looking at offers. These include Imperial College, Warwick, Durham, Lancaster, Cardiff, Sheffield and many more. 

The actual tests can vary greatly, depending on which course you are applying for.

A small sample of the types of test available are: 


the MAT (Oxford, Imperial and Warwick maths) which takes A Level maths to a new level and includes both multiple choice and longer questions


the TMUA (Cambridge applied maths courses such as Computer Science) which is all multiple choice but also very logic based

the ENGAA or NSAA which are required for engineering or natural sciences at Cambridge and is really a speed and accuracy test for maths and physics

the CSAT which is a lovely purist mathematicians test with more of a focus on mathematical thinking and analysis.

As a graduate of Oxford University I have been through this process myself and can help to prepare you for the tests to come.

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