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Wooden Steps

STEP Maths

Sixth Term Extension Papers

The STEP papers are additional exams that are taken at the same time as A Levels. Anyone can apply to take these exams and they are often part of a conditional offer for those applying for maths and related degrees at university.

They come in three stages with the content varying

STEP I - A Level Maths

STEP II - A Level Maths and AS Further Maths

STEP III - A Level Maths and Further Maths

though the STEP I examinations have been cancelled from 2021


 As the content is just A Level, STEP should not require new mathematical content to be learnt, however the questions require considerably more advanced problem-solving skills than is typically required at A Level and this can need a significant amount of practice and support.

As a graduate of University of Oxford and a teacher of STEP for many years I can help pupils unpick the problems, recognise the "STEP style" and generally help to make these ,very daunting, questions doable.

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