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IB Maths

If you are taking the International Baccalaureate, you will know that maths is a compulsory part of it. There are, though still options available.

Recently the options have changed and are now:

  • Mathematics: analysis and approaches SL

  • Mathematics: analysis and approaches HL

  • Mathematics: applications and interpretation SL

  • Mathematics: applications and interpretation HL

This can seem very confusing and pupils often wonder which to take.

Roughly speaking, the analysis and approaches course is the more traditional academic course with SL including many of the A Level maths topics whilst the HL course goes further into greater depth.

The applications and approaches course is at around the same level but takes a more applied route looking at topics often used in mathematical modelling and data analysis.

I am an experienced IB Maths tutor having taught pupils in all 4 courses and with a wealth of resources to pull from including many exam style questions to practice and knowledge of the technology which is required to be used.

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